Frequently Asked Questions

The technical brochure is available for download. If you have any problems with this or cannot find the information you are looking for then please call us for help.

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RAL numbers are colour codings. The full list is available by clicking the tab ‘Colour Chart’ – there are 26 standard colours available for Aluminium products, 9 for cast Iron and 6 for Galvanised Steel. Additional colours can be requested by e-mail but there may be an additional charge. Double powder coating for coastal areas will incur an additional charge.

Use Dow Corning 791 Silicon Sealant. Click on ‘Sundry items’ and select the colour and quantity that you require. Hydroseal packs are a rubber seal dryjoint sytem also available through sundry items.

If you are replacing an existing system, count the individual parts, confirm angles and sizes and recheck. If you are going off plan, re-check building measurements and check for plinths and drain positions. If you are still unsure, please call for assistance on Freephone 08000966196

All guttering is effected by weather and environment, particularly in coastal areas. Cast Iron Rainwater systems should last at least 40 years if maintained correctly, by painting and keeping the gutters clear from leaves and debris. In non coastal areas, Cast Aluminium Rainwater systems in an unpainted (Mill) finish should last for at least 25 years, if gutters are kept clear, and for at least 40 years if a Polyester Powder coated (Coloured) finish is applied. An additional coat of powder coating can be applied for an extra charge.

The profile and capacity of the Gutter and pipework selected should be sufficient to take water from roofline to drain. If you are unsure about the flow capacity of your Roof system, please contact us and we will arrange for a flow calculation based on the dimensions you provide.

Gutterworks Ltd has many years experience in supplying and installing Gutter & Roofline systems. Our numerous installation teams provide an efficient, competent service, using a wide range of materials and are manufacturer approved. However, we generally restrict installation works to London & South-East counties but may be able to give details of companies operating in your area.

If we have been unable to help with the answers above, please contact our offices on 01737 770970 or e-mail